FULL CIRCLE Series | Book I


“I knew it was a trap. But did it matter? The demon had to be faced for the future to have any hope. It was the only way. I opened my eyes, took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness.”  

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FULL CIRCLE Series | Book II


“I’d tried to escape, but the bodies still found me, begging for justice. It was time to face my fate. In my life, even desserts could be deadly.”

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“There’s a reason murder has no statute of limitations. People may die, but the truth doesn’t. It merely abides, waiting for the time to talk. The time had come.”

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meet lisa

Who, me?

Lisa is an attorney and former prosecutor who spent twenty years as an FBI Special Agent. After never finding one X-file, she gave up and retired. Now she pens crime fiction where justice prevails, but doesn’t always end in handcuffs. She also enjoys writing stories featuring talking turkeys, clever cats and other snarky sorts.
full circle

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Killer Recipes/Pastry Forward

Springtime and "THE" Cookies: If You Can't Resist, then Be Prepared!

Too many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this year? Be a Good Scout and improvise! Try these 'Nutterchip Marshmallow bars with marshmallow, peanut butter, chocolate- chips, and crumbled Tagalongs. They're so good, I'm not even sure they're street legal!
Apr 13, 2021
LL Kaplan
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Loose Ends

An (April) Fool's Errand: Trying not to get Fooled

No matter how I always promise myself I won't be caught again, somehow the hubs always gets me.
Mar 30, 2021
LL Kaplan
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Legal Briefs

Legal Briefs: Summing-up the Totality of Circumstances in Use Of Force Investigations

Review Use of Force Cases like an Investigator: gather all the facts, consider the circumstances, ask the right questions, and apply the current law.
Mar 16, 2021
LL Kaplan